Irrespective of the website site type, custom Content Management Systems helps you to perfectly build the contents that suits your requirements.

What is CMS?

CMS i.e. Content Management System is a popular, widely used tool that helps maintaining and controlling the content of the website by non-technical users with no coding backgrounds. So users with less or no technical knowledge can manage their website content like text, images, pictures and other media files. They can add, edit, delete, archive, publish, report data and content on the website with ease.
Built-in tags and recyclable code partials facilitate total control over the content display and management. CMS architecture is intelligent, flexible and easy which allows building uniform, balanced, reliable, powerful and fast websites with one-to-one individual requirements.

CMS comprises of two elements:

  • CDA (Content Delivery Application)
  • CMA (Content Management Application)
  • CDA is a system where servers spread over geographical areas are interconnected. Multiple copies of content are distributed over servers. It helps users to access the contents fast and easily when same content is requested at an instance.
    CMA is an element of CMS. It's an interface where edit, delete, add, publishing website content can be done. End users can use templates, wizards etc to add or edit the contents without having prior knowledge of HTML.

    Why CMS?

    Large organizations need CMS web applications for scalable and flexible solutions to help update the contents easily. It keeps the website update-to-date with new and latest contents. Obsolete data can be easily replaced with CMS. This is the reason, organizations are opting CMS for dynamic content management.

    What is WCM?

    Interactive, dynamic, user-generated content make websites more complex. WCM i.e. Web Content Management is used to set up data on web pages. WCM can record or index content, publish content at runtime, broadcast content to group of visitors or share with specific users. Data can be shared in various languages with WCM.

    Various CMS available in market

  • WordPress - is a very popular widely used Content Management System used by big brands like CNN, New York Times to manage their presence on Internet. It supports full SEO features.
  • Joomla - is a powerful tool used to build CMS from small to very complex business web applications.
  • Durpal - is compatible with PHP, can run on all platforms and is loaded with powerful SEO features. Non-technical personal can install and work in Drupal because of its user-friendly nature. Individual blogs to complex ecommerce websites can be build in Drupal.
  • Why need CMS/WCM services from EssentialSolve?

    EssentialSolve focus on developing featured rich, cost-effective, user-friendly, integrated, secured CMS systems which fulfill requirements of organizations of all sizes with cost-effective investments. We aim to develop dynamic applications and portals whose content can be managed dynamically from CMS. Our aim is to design productive interfaces which are active and rapid. Our CMS solutions include version control, publishing data, edit, add, delete digital content including images, videos, audio, multimedia.
    Besides developing independent CMS Systems for organization, we have expertise in integrating various CMS available in market like AspDotNetStoreFront, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Umbraco, etc. Open source CMS is useful for organizations with low budgets.

    EssentialSolve provide user-friendly, affordable solutions which organizations can adapt and learn with ease. We provide 24 hours support to our clients.

    Contact us now to explore our services.