We are proficient in developing services that runs on Cloud, an optimum software option for companies as any device from varied geographical locations can access data to work on.

What is SaaS?

SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) is a service which works in applications on Internet without any need of installing or maintaining the software on personal systems. The core idea of SaaS is centralized computing where people spread over geographical locations can connect to work any time, from any location and from any device with appropriate Internet Connection.
SaaS is web-based software hosted on cloud that runs on-demand on ‘SaaS provider servers’ where both independent users and companies can perform their tasks. End users using applications like Google, Twitter, and Facebook as services, is good example of SaaS. With SaaS, you can rent software on monthly basis with data saved on cloud. There is no need to purchase the software and install it on individual machine. To use the software running on SaaS, no license is needed. Purchasing software or software license is managed by the companies who run their software on SaaS. So SaaS is an applicable and manageable software option for organizations now days. SaaS service is provided by various ASPs (Application Service Providers) to the companies/organizations.
SaaS systems are loaded with good customization features. From database modification, addition, deletion and management to UI look and feel, everything can be customized as per the requirements. Business process and logics can also be turned on or off depending on the requirement.

Security Measures in SaaS

Security is the most important aspect of any organization. Online banking, accounting systems, payroll systems running on SaaS are good examples where SaaS follows stringent security, backups and maintenance.

SaaS Characteristics

  • No hardware cost is needed
  • No setup cost is required
  • Automatic updates
  • Only pay for your usage
  • Device compatibility
  • Access from any location
  • Multi-tenant Architecture
  • Easy Customization
  • Better Access
  • Excellent customization
  • Benefits of SaaS

  • Scalability
  • Data security
  • Software are used as Service which any device having Internet connection can access.
  • SaS systems can be customized as per the company requirements. There are expert professionals who are trained in modifying SaaS programs to felicitous business needs.
  • Cloud Computing

    Cloud computing is combination of SaaS and PaaS (hardware Platform as a Service). Its an Internet based computing where computing resources are shared among various devices. Significant workloads are handled by the interconnected computers on cloud instead of stand-alone computers that runs the applications. All voice calls, SMS, MMS in cloud are handled by Twilio API.

    EssentialSolve SaaS/Cloud Services

    We develop services that runs on cloud to help enterprise flawlessly. We focus on accuracy and attention to detail and coordinate group projects and complex timelines.

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